View the Most Damaging WikiLeaks, All on One Tidy Website

WikiLeaks is one of the most important things to have happened on the internet. Whether you support the idea or not, or whether you believe WikiLeaks is credible or not, nobody can deny that WikiLeaks has raised a lot of uncomfortable questions regarding ethics, politics, biases, and privacy.

But is WikiLeaks credible? Maybe, maybe not. If it isn’t, one has to wonder why governments want to silence and block access to the site. At first, the releases coming out of Wikileaks were shocking and exciting. They brought us news of civilian casualties in Iraq, and they brought us embarrassing diplomatic cables. Here let’s take a little stroll down…

For the sake of argument, let’s assume that it is indeed credible. The real problem with an infodump like WikiLeaks is that you have to comb through tens of thousands of mundane correspondences in…

Sasha Harriet

Sasha Harriet

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Sasha Harriet

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