Food Facts: 70 Interesting Facts About Food

food facts
food facts

Food facts: 70 interesting facts about food. This is a fantastic list of weird and mind blowing facts about food that will satisfy you palate. Did you know that carrots actually don’t make your eyesight better.. Yes even I was living with this false fact, before I came across this fact, so these facts include both facts and enlighten you with the false facts associated with some common food. Explore the amazing food facts..

Food facts

Obsessed with eating healthy food is called as Ortharexia Nervosa.

In 1830 ketchup is sold as medicine.

To cure hic ups, a person should swallow one teaspoon of sugar.

To carry an ice cream cone in the back pocket is illegal in Kentucky.

The phobia for fear of cooking is called Mageirocophobia.

In 1908 the tea bags were introduced by Thomas Sullivan.

Fear of peanut butter sticking to the upper part of the mouth is called Archibutyrophobia.

The ants and termites are being roasted and eaten like popcorn in South Africa.

We often consume 1/10 of calorie by licking a stamp.

If a pearl is kept in vinegar it melts.

food facts

Fast food facts

Canola oil is actually called as rapeseed oil, but the name is changed for marketing purposes.

Oregano has more antioxidant than the blueberries.

The chemicals in garlic gloves can cause burns on the human skin.

Kiwi fruit is actually from China called as the Chinese gooseberry.

Many of the processed foods contain coal tar and that causes the hyperactivity in children.

The world wide meat supply companies are contaminated with mad cow disease and is a progressive brain wasting disease that cannot be cured.

Broccoli has double the vitamin c of an orange and more calcium than milk.

The caramel was actually created by the Arabs.

Actually carrots don’t make your eyesight better.

Onions contain Antioxidant, Anti Allergy, Antiviral and Antihistamine Agents in it.

food facts

Fun food facts

Every year a person consumes eight pounds of grapes on…

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