How to Clean Up Your Facebook News Feed in Just a Few Taps

On Facebook, the News Feed is king. The algorithms behind it control which posts you see from your friends and your frenemies. Every little action you do on Facebook is tracked and it’s all factored in to determine which posts show up first.

Sometimes though, Facebook gets it wrong. Your News Feed ends up clogged with articles you’re just not that interested in and posts from people you don’t really know. This does neither you nor Facebook any good. You’ll have a bad time and won’t use Facebook much so they won’t make any money serving you ads.

Thankfully, Facebook has developed some tools to help you sort your News Feed. Let’s look at how you can see the posts you want to see as soon as you log in without ever having to sort through the cruft.

Priorize and Unfollow People from Facebook’s News Feed Preferences

The first place to start is with Facebook’s own News Feed Preferences option. It’s a tool that lets you decide which people and pages show up first in your News Feed and unfollow people and pages you no longer want to see.

The tool is the same on the website, iOS, and Android, so I’m going to work through using the iOS version. Use whichever one you want.

To get to the tool on the website, click on the Settings Arrow and select News Feed Preferences.

On the mobile apps, go to Settings > News Feed Preferences.

This brings you to the News Feed Preferences tool.

Let’s start with “Prioritize Who to See First”. Select it and you’ll be presented with a list of all the people and pages you interact with the most. Select any of them that you want to show up at the top of your News Feed.


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