5 Ways to Upgrade Your Truck for Summer

As we slowly awake from winter hibernation and the summer sun starts infecting the northern hemisphere, our everyday routine is interrupted with impulse nature walks, tailgating, and summer craftsman jobs.

Vehicle owners must now switch from winter tires to sports tires, and it’s time to put that hitch to some use! Whether you’re planning a vacation this summer or on you’re on the job, these are five essential truck accessories that will protect and make your truck the center of your summer plans. From portable coolers to sun shields, optimizing your truck for summer doesn’t feel like an investment, but an adventure to base your summer plans around.

Mud flaps/guards


Summer opens the door to explore nature again, whether fishing, camping, or off-roading. Whether you’re driving through the woods or just on a rainy day, mud flaps and mudguards will protect the paint and trim of your vehicle from the elements of nature. Add a front end bulbar for added protection and a rugged appearance. Mudguards will preserve the appearance of your vehicle without frequent trips to the car wash and protect from rust that could eventually affect the performance of your vehicle.

Portable Cooler


Tailgating, camping, or just spending a day outside goes perfect with a cool beverage  and some snacks. Make your truck the hub of your summer adventures by a adding a portable cooler in your truck bed. Essential for any long distance road trips or off-roading adventure, a portable cooler compliments a day in the sun like an ice cream cone does.

Sun shields


There’s nothing worse than working with your hands in the sun all day to step into a vehicle that feels like an oven. Sun shields) are the perfect accessories to cool your truck while you’re on the job or at the game. Sun shields are cheap and don’t cost any more than $70. Sun shields are a much cheaper option than tinting your window and still provide the same protection from the sun.

For the muscle car enthusiast, a rear window louver provides sun protection, style, and privacy to any vehicle. Perfect for modern trucks, the rear window louver will fill out the trim and decal of any sports vehicle while providing an edge to its sports appearance. Wherever you’re working this summer, be sure to purchase a sun shield or rear window louver so you can look forward to the drive home.

Tonneau Cover

A tonneau cover will provide protection for your tools from the rain and rust. Bed covers also shield your bed accessories from the sight of other people. You can purchase a loose bed cover that protects your items from the elements or a locking cover that physically prevents people from taking items out of your truck bed. Tonneau covers provide a finished look for most trucks and helps to preserve gas mileage as open beds place a lot of air resistance on vehicles at high speeds.

Floor Mats and Seat Covers


Protecting your interior from the elements is just as essential as your exterior. Floor mats and floor liners protect your floors from dirt and mud and are easy to clean. Seat liners help keep seats dry after a day at the beach or the pool and equally protect against the elements.

Detail your interior with customized seat liners and put some of your own style into the appearance of your truck. Save money on expensive details with cheap floor mats and seat covers, which are easy to clean and replace.

Take care of your truck and your truck will take care of you. Hit the road summer ready and have a blast cruising the coast, camping, and hanging out with your friends.

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