How the Ford Mustang is More High Tech than Ever

Who says you can’t turn a muscle car into a high tech luxury vehicle? The classic 8-cylinder pony car has rapidly undergone technological changes in the past few years, beginning with the sporty Shelby GT 350.

With the recent reveal of the new 2018 Ford Mustang, the Mustang line has dropped its V6 engine for either a 5-liter Coyote 8-cylinder engine, or the 2.3-liter eco-boost 4-cylinder engine. From the first digital cluster display to carbon-fiber wheels, the 2018 Ford Mustang is giving sports cars, ranging from Mercedes to Audi, a run for their money.


This new line of ponies has optimized top speed performance with Ford’s redesigned Coyote V8 engine, which arrives with connecting rods that are mated to the new flat-plane crankshaft at 180 degrees rather than 90 degrees like the former cross-plane crankshaft. The new 180-degree configuration assists in exhaust breathing, which increases power. This revised engine now red lines at 8,250 rpm. Add the new adaptive Voodoo Intake Manifold and 87mm throttle body for increased engine airflow, and your car will provide peak performance at 7,500 rpm.

The Mustang is equipped with the addition of its port fuel injection system to provide better gas mileage for a V8 vehicle and increased horsepower.

The new Mustangs have also been redesigned with a 10-speed transmission that reduces friction losses and increases low-speed response. With transmission upgrade, the Mustang is now equipped with real-time adaptive shifting that ensures that drivers are always operating in the right gear.

An improvement in Ford vehicle handling and suspension systems has been a must needed upgrade for Ford enthusiasts for years. New MagneRide dampers replace traditional hydraulic pistons to provide an electronic monitoring system that adjusts to the damping of a car’s shocks. Combine carbon-fiber wheels and your new Ford Mustang will roll through turns and bumps more smoothly without wearing your suspension system.

The Digital Era

For classic ‘Stang enthusiasts, the 2018 Ford Mustang has been redesigned with a slicker bumper, hood, and headlight design for a classic, sleek look that looks like it came directly off a 1960s Ford assembly line. Redesigned headlight displays come equipped with three LED lights for daytime display, and allow drivers to see at a further distance.

The 2018 Ford Mustang is also the first Mustang to feature a digital cluster display. New features like pedestrian detection, pre-collision warning, distance alert, and lane departure systems have made the Mustang both a safer vehicle and a more stylish vehicle. Be sure to check out your smart phone application that can remotely lock, unlock, and locate your vehicle if it’s ever lost.

While it’s hard to redesign a classic muscle car with new, fancy electronic features, the new Mustang simply doesn’t forget its roots. With redesigned engine, and a ten-speed transmission, this car can simply outrun and out power the competition. Muscle car enthusiasts should not fear the new high-tech Mustang. Once you press down on that peddle and rev the engine, you’ll know you’re still driving a Mustang.

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