Hottest Interior Car Mods

Your car is sometimes considered your second home. Whether it’s going on a long distance road trip or tailgating, your car should be equipped with all of the luxuries needed for serious comfort.

You don’t need to purchase a new car to equip your current vehicle with the expensive features offered at a dealership. With these simple and non-expensive upgrades, customize your interior with your own style and sophistication that adds safety and comfort to your everyday commute.

Easy Fixes

Seat Covers

Consider purchasing some stylish seat covers to protect your interior from the elements you track inside your car. Seat covers can save you money on interior details and are cheap and easy to replace. Purchase a seat cover to match your style and choose from thousands) of different seat covers from Batman seat covers to your favorite tv show or sports teams .

Air Fresheners

This may be one of the most overlooked and simple car upgrades on the market. You don’t have to suffer or feel ashamed of the smell of your car’s interior, just purchase cheap air fresheners, which will delight and excite the senses every time you get behind the wheel. Choose from clip-on vent fresheners to air freshener cans that lie out of sight from guests and enjoy the smell of nature while driving through the city.

Armrest cover  

Long-distance car rides can leave the body stiff and very uncomfortable. A snap-on armrest will allow you to relax on your drive, and most can be customized to the color and style of your interior. Both utilitarian and stylish, after driving with a snap-on armrest you’ll never want to drive without one again.

Attachable Cup Holders

Tired of that old cup holder that sits inconveniently placed in the center console and breaks after a few years. An attachable cup holder can be purchased for an incredibly low price, while being fitted to almost anywhere in your car’s interior. Place multiple cup holders around your car to provide guests and the family with an extra level of comfort.

Moveable Shade

Just like a 360-degree mirror, this invention will make you ask yourself, why didn’t I think of that? During the morning commute, the sun’s rays can become blinding and visors and sunglasses are sometimes not enough. Moveable shade  is simply a tinted square that utilizes static energy to grip and slide around your car’s windshield to block sunlight. Moveable shade is cheap  and is safer to drive around with than using your overhead visor to block the sun.

Advanced Upgrades

LED Interior Lights

Having a strong dome light can provide you with light necessary to read a map or find a missing object without losing total attention from the road. Stock lights can be dim and drain your car battery. LED lights ) are not only brighter, cleaner, and consume less power, they can also be more stylish and can be customized to shine different light colors. LED lights are cheap, last longer, and could make your car look feel more like Kit than an old sedan.

Dual USB

The days of atlases and a book to read on the road are over. GPS, music, games, and even the DVD player for the kids require a lot of power. Don’t go on a long-distance road trip relying on your battery power and that single charging port. A dual USB charger can plug directly into your car’s cigarette lighter and provide you with multiple ports to charge your electronic devices. Cigarette lighters handle over 10 amps providing you and the family with enough power to charge your devices for hours on the road.

Sound Systems

Upgrading your car’s sound system can actually be cheaper than you expect. Whether you’re purchasing some new or used speakers, a good speaker system  will cost you under $100 and most stores offer free installation. An amplifier will provide you with crisper sound and a subwoofer can be easily added to your speaker system. Any in-dash radio system can be upgraded to provide Bluetooth support and will provide a cleaner sound.

Interior Storage

A cluttered car is not only unattractive, but it’s not ideal. Provide some space and comfort for backseat guests with interior storage lockers that fit within overhead compartments or directly under crew cab seats. Interior storage boxes are more secure than placing items in the bed or back seat or your car and can protect against the elements. Consider upgrading to a subwoofer replacement box, which provides better sound quality and fits slimly underneath your back seats.

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