Eventbrite: Events on Facebook result in 2x the ticket sales

For more than a decade, Eventbrite has sought to position itself away from being a service to sell you tickets, but about the overall experience. To achieve this, the company has been working on developing the Event Graph, designed to make it easier to discover relevant events and have you focus less on the process of obtaining a ticket. So far the results appear to be promising.

“We are fundamentally helping people find great experiences,” remarked Scott Van Brunt, Eventbrite’s head of partnerships in an interview with VentureBeat. More than 2 million tickets are sold each week through its platform, but for the most part it has largely been through traditional means, not anything native. In July, Eventbrite began a partnership with Facebook that would allow users to buy event tickets directly through its site and apps — no longer would they need to go to third-party pages. Van Brunt claimed that since then, powered Facebook events generated 2x the number of tickets than before.

While he declined to provide specific numbers, Van Brunt said that more than 500,000 events have been published to Facebook since Eventbrite began its distributed commerce strategy. He also believes it proves the company’s strategy around being everywhere consumers are and meeting them there. “The thing that’s interesting about [our distributed strategy] is there’s a shift in the ticketing industry. We’re bringing openness and letting anyone grab ticketing inventory,” he remarked. “This represents a fundamental shift.”

The success of its Facebook integration is something Eventbrite said demonstrates the power of social commerce and…

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