Everything we learned about Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is not Destiny 1.5.

Bungie revealed a great deal about its upcoming online shooter today during a streamed event, showing off gameplay and announcing new features that mark big changes and improvements from the first Destiny. It was a lot to keep track of, and the 30 million people who played (or still play) the original are likely curious about all these announcements for the sequel. It’ll give them something to think about while waiting for Destiny 2’s September 8 launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

That’s why we collected all of the big announcements from the Destiny 2 event below.

Above: I’m gonna call my clan “Jeff Grubb is Stupid.”

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Playing with your friends will be easier in Destiny 2 thanks to in-game Clan support, so you won’t have to use third-party sites to organize things like Raid nights this time around. Similar to World of Warcraft’s Guild system, Clan members can even achieve goals together and earn shared rewards.

Guided Games

Raids are the ultimate challenge in Destiny, pitting six players against the hardest bosses. But in the first Destiny, you could only play them with people on your friend’s list. While Bungie isn’t adding matchmaking per say for Destiny 2, it is giving people without friends online a chance to experience this content.

Guided Games will enable players to join a Clan’s Raid, filling in any of their empty roster spots. So, four people in the same Clan could play with two Clan-less people.

Above: Take pity on me, Clans!

Image Credit: GamesBeat

The PC version is on Battle.net

We already knew that Destiny 2 was coming to PC, but most figured it would show up on Steam. Few expected to see it on Blizzard’s Battle.net platform. Sure, Activision owns Blizzard and publishes Destiny, but Battle.net has never supported a non-Blizzard game before.

Also, apparently it’s still called Battle.net. So much for that rebranding.

PvP is now 4-vs.4

The Crucible, which hosts Destiny’s player-vs.-player offerings, is getting a big change in Destiny 2. In the first…

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