Less Mess, Less Stress!

Keeping a level head amidst the daily struggles is definitely difficult enough as it is. However, having a messy home is proven to increase stress levels.

As we struggle to balance the daily expectations of life’s requirements, things like childcare, health care, pet care and home care keep our wheels turning. Here are a few tips to de-clutter, alleviate stress and promote relaxation.

1. Meditation/deep breathing

Physicians and spiritualists agree that meditation and deep breathing reduce stress. Even just a few minutes a day of deep relaxing breaths and quiet contemplation will promote a noticeable vibrancy in your life. Morning, noon or night, taking time to clear your thoughts and breathe will prove to be vitally beneficial.

2. Exercise

It is imperative to treat your body as a sacred temple and honor it with exercise. Stretching, yoga, swimming, dancing, nautilus, cardio, karate, bicycling, hiking…. Whatever your preferred source for activity, the bottom line has already been coined perfectly: “Just Do It.”

3. De-clutter

Remove it! If it hasn’t been used in more than 6 months, most likely you don’t need it.

4. When you shop, drop!

Anytime you bring home a new article of clothing, a piece of furniture, a pen, be sure there is one that has already been tossed or is on it’s way out, especially if your spaces are already full.

5. Re-organize

Take time to go through drawers and pull out things that could make more sense somewhere else. Make or purchase drawer organizers to separate different items. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in over 6 months.

6. Keep it clean

If you clean up your messes as you go, chores become so much easier. Don’t leave your breakfast mess for yourself to be cleaned up when you get home! Life is so much smoother when we take the time to clean up after ourselves.

7. All levels

If you have a multi-level home, keep small cleaning supplies on each level so you don’t have to run up and down stairs to give the toilet a quick scrubbing or clean the hallway of pet hair.

8. What’s in the toolbox

Same as with your cleaning supplies, on each level of your home keep a small toolbox with all the basics: screwdriver, screwdriver, hammer, nails, screws, glue and a cordless drill.

9. Keep a monthly calendar

Best if it is in a high-traffic area. Mark it with simple reminders, birthdays and errands. When we can see it spread out over the entire month, we can easily remind ourselves of what’s coming up!

10. Use a smartphone

Have it all at your fingertips and keep every aspect of your life organized. This way you can receive emails, bank notifications, bill reminders, appointment reminders, the news, weather alerts and personal messages all in one place, right as they happen.

Sasha Harriet

Sasha Harriet

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Sasha Harriet

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