A wrestling fan’s review of the gloriously weird ‘GLOW’

“GLOW” is a fictional comedy about a women’s pro wrestling promotion that actually existed in the late ’80s. It’s the kind of show that could only be made in the post-postmodern world of 2017. We’ve come full circle: weathered the feathered hair, wayfarers and polyester of the 80s and now we’ve fully embraced the camp.

“GLOW” is supremely weird in both concept and execution, and much like professional wrestling itself, you’re either going to be on board with the over the top, soap-opera-level theatrics, or you’re not. And you’ll work out pretty early what side of the ropes you stand on. Me, I’m a pro wrestling fan. I own t-shirts. I talk about WWE booking choices. Yes, I know it’s scripted. Thank you for your input. You know what else is scripted? Half-hour comedies. That’s why I was sold on “GLOW” early on.

The new Netflix original comedy keeps the 1980s setting of the original “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling“. It was a real wrestling show, made in Vegas with a full roster of women wrestlers with the best gimmicks the ’80s had to offer. Which is to say it was over the top. Instead of remaking the original, the 2017 “GLOW” follows the story of a group of women who all sign on to make something just as wonderfully ridiculous. That’s the secret. It’s powerfully strange, but it never apologises for it and that’s why it works so well.

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Like executive producer Jenji Kohan’s previous Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black,” “GLOW” is built on the backs of its eccentric…

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