Adding Ice to Medics’ Kits Could Help Patients Survive Blood Loss

ice cubes
Ice cubes

Blair Johnson, a physiologist at the University of Buffalo, recently discovered a method to help balance out Blood Pressure. He discovered that if a bag of ice (or at least ice cold water) is placed on the fact, it forces blood to rush to that area. This method, researchers warn that this isn’t meant for a long term fix, just a temporary patch for when a hospital can be reached in short order. So, if they were to add an ice pack to Medic’s kits, it could help out in a severe bleeding situation.

Medics may have a new tool to help severely injured patients: ice. A bag of it on the face could help to keep blood pressure up in those suffering severe blood loss.

Keeping a cool attitude helps when handling an accident victim who has lost a large amount of blood. But keeping patients cool might also help, a new study finds. It might save their lives.

Here’s why: Losing a lot of blood can lead to a dangerous loss of blood pressure. That can limit how much blood, and therefore oxygen, reaches the brain and other vital organs. If deprived of enough oxygen, those tissues — and the patient — could die.

The body doesn’t have to spill most of its blood for this to happen. Losing about 2 liters (a half gallon) out of the 5 liters (1.3 gallons) or so in the body could be fatal. In fact, most deaths among army troops are due to excess blood loss — even if the inflicted wounds do not directly affect a vital organ, says Victor Convertino. A physiologist, he studies body functions at a research institute of the U.S. Army in Houston, Texas. He was not involved in this study.

Convertino thinks medics and others can save some lives if they can maintain adequate blood pressure — and thereby blood flow — to vital tissues until the victim reaches the hospital. (Vital tissues include the heart and brain.) Once there, blood transfusions can take over.

Blair Johnson may have found a way to achieve this. He is a physiologist at the University of Buffalo in New York. There, he focuses on developing effective ways to maintain blood pressure in the body after potentially catastrophic blood loss. He described a potential new first-aid approach…

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