AI is the brains behind more caring customer service

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Conversational commerce has been a hot topic recently. For quite some time it was linked to virtual assistants, but it has really only gained traction as messaging platforms have spread like wildfire. Here’s the proof:

In 2015, the shift from social to messaging ultimately created the perfect environment for the bot and automation ecosystem to emerge. While the bot market still has some maturation to do, we’re already seeing an outgrowth of conversational commerce that I call “conversational care.” This is when that same conversational intelligence is used to engage and support customers during, and long after, a transaction is completed.

When successfully integrated with conversational commerce, conversational care completes the modern customer experience cycle. But why should that matter to you?

Put simply, with the conversational intelligence capabilities available today, it’s finally possible for every brand to take the customer on a digital journey that builds a relationship rather than merely executing a siloed, standard transaction. The magic of those highly personalized relationships you expected from old-school brick-and-mortar businesses is finally a digital reality.

The path provided for you

The linear customer experience model that emerged with the rise of ecommerce was transaction-centric. It had a beginning, a middle, and a predefined endpoint. The beginning of your experience was when you hit the ecommerce site. The middle was your browsing experience, and the end was a bunch of manual data entry into shopping cart checkout fields. It was a brilliant model in the sense that it moved people through a funnel as quickly and efficiently as possible. But there’s a downside when you obsessively optimize for the transaction opportunity at hand: You can’t set the stage for the next round of engagement with that customer.

With the emergence of conversational intelligence and contextualized interactions made possible by parametric search, the personalized customer journey can be delivered to the digital platform of your choice. While the stages of the experience may stay the same at their…

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