Father Surprises Son With Birthday Gift From Beyond the Grave

This video of a teenager receiving a birthday gift from his late father is enough to turn any metalhead into mush.

16-year-old Johnny Crow has been grieving over his 49-year-old dad’s death since the heart attack struck in April. Johnny did not know until last week, however, that his father left behind something special that will help him remember the relationship through the music.

Johnny’s 20-year-old sister Chandler picked her brother up from school last Wednesday and took him to Port Huron Music Center in Michigan, the music store where he takes guitar lessons.

Chandler then handed Johnny a birthday card from their father wishing the teen a happy birthday, and expressing the hope that he would enjoy the gift.

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The music store workers then revealed a guitar case containing a Dean Razorback guitar: the exact model that Johnny had always wanted.

Johnny’s dad had actually ordered the guitar for his son back in January – Chandler and the Port Huron Music Center staff had simply been keeping the guitar under wraps for a month before the big reveal.

“About a month ago I dropped Johnny off at his guitar…

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