Five Features We Want Every Flagship Android Phone to Have This Year

We’re five months into 2017 now, and we’ve already seen a lot of Android phones hit the scene. With seven(ish) months left in the year, however, we’re far from done seeing what manufacturers have been working on.

I have plenty of thoughts on where we are and where we should be going with modern smartphones, but I want to keep the focus plain and simple: let’s talk about the top five features I think every flagship-level smartphone should have in 2017 (and beyond).

Let’s Define “Flagship”

Before we get into the good stuff, I want to first talk about what it is to be a flagship device. When most people think of this, they think of phones in the $700+ price range. I see it a little differently—I think each manufacturer, regardless of who it is, has a flagship phone or two. It’s the flagship for that company. So it doesn’t matter if it’s a budget manufacturer like Blu or a giant like Samsung—they all have a flagship phone that they’re focusing most of their development and marketing efforts on.

Basically, this is the pinnacle of each specific company’s catalog. So, at the current time, it’s the Galaxy S8 for Samsung, or the G6 for LG. Regardless of who is making the phone, every company has a product it considers the best it has to offer. The cream of the crop. That’s the flagship.

The Flagship Features We Want to See

Like I said, there are certain things every top-tiered phone needs to have at this point. And if the phone you’re thinking about buying doesn’t have these features, I’d wager that it’s probably not worth buying. But that’s just my opinion.

Water Resistance Is a Must Have

We’re at a point now where water-resistant phones should be prolific. Unlike the days of old, there’s no need for extra bulk or port covers, but rather just a simple coating that allows the phone to be completely submerged. Samsung really pushed this feature into the mainstream with the Galaxy S7 (and the Galaxy S8 followed suit), but I’ve yet to see other flagship-level Android phones join in on the fun.

But let’s be real here: why wouldn’t you want this in your next phone? You can use it in the rain (or shower!), live without fear of dropping your phone into a puddle of water, or even not worry about sweating all over it if you’re the working out type. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m into that so much.

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