How to Find Awesome Music from Around the World on Spotify

No matter where music comes from, it has the power to make you feel, make you think, and make you dance. If you use Spotify, broadening your musical horizons is easy.

Start With the Charts

Spotify has music exploration built right into their apps, but you don’t have to spend hours searching for music if you know where to begin. Spotify’s “Top 50” and “Viral 50” charts are great starting points with tons of songs. While using the Spotify desktop app:

  1. Head to “Browse” on the Spotify home page.
  2. Then head to “Charts.”
  3. Scroll down the page and you’ll see “Top 50 by Country” and “Viral 50 by Country.” Pick one.
  4. Pick the “Top 50” list for your country of choice.
  5. Click or tap songs and listen to see if you find anything you like. Or better yet, listen to the entire chart as a playlist and pick out the ones you like and stick in a playlist of your own.

Depending on the country, one chart will be probably more helpful than the other. For example, the “Top 50” chart for many countries will have a lot of the same pop hits you’ll find on the U.S. charts. I’ve had more luck with the “Viral 50” charts since most of those songs tend to be localized.

Follow the Trail

Once you find a song on those charts you like, do what I call “following the trail.” If you’ve ever fallen into a Wikipedia rabbit hole, it’s a lot like that. Here’s a quick rundown:

  1. Go to the artist’s page by clicking or tapping the artist’s name.
  2. On the artist’s page,…
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