How to Get Hired by Your Dream Company

Some people have a dream job; others have a dream company. If your dream gig is more of a “who” than a “what,” you’ll need to switch up your job-hunting technique. Use these tips, and hiring managers will be eager to extend you an offer at your dream company.

1. Do your homework

You’ll give yourself a better fighting chance if you’ve done your homework before any face-to-face meeting. Find out who the C-level executives are and what the company’s mission statement is. This ground-floor research will help you decide if the company’s views are in line with your long-term objectives. It’ll also demonstrate your dedication when interview day arrives.

“This means reading about the company in a variety of places — their own PR and website, articles about the company in industry publications, and the press,” says human resources expert Laura McLeod, founder of From the Inside Out Project. “Try to find someone who works or has worked at the company and pick their brain. Try your connections and ‘2nd degree connections’ on LinkedIn.”

Once you’ve done your research, use what you find to focus your pitch. Think about how you’ll contribute to the company culture and its bottom line. Make your best case on why you’re the best choice for the position.

2. Approach your search actively

If you’re limiting your job search to passive online applications, you may be waiting a while for a call. Instead, take a more active approach to getting what you want by letting the decision-makers within the company’s “hire-archy” know who you are and what you want.

“Your dream company is almost certainly looking for assertiveness, and this means attacking the process from the beginning,” explains Ryan Naylor, CEO and founder of “When you hear about the job, whether it’s through online job boards or an acquaintance, find a way to make contact with someone. Reach out through your network, locate someone within the ranks, and send them an email or call them on the phone. Use networking tools such as LinkedIn and even Facebook. If you make contact, you have a much better shot at getting that prized interview.”

3. Take advantage of social media

Of course, the best people to network with are those on the inside — but don’t discount those on the outside, either. Creating a rapport with your dream company’s clients and associates could turn into a good word on your behalf. It may be a slow build toward the end goal (you’ll want to establish a relationship before asking for references or favors), but if patience is your virtue, you can succeed in this endeavor.

Social media is a great way…

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