How to Sync Your Browser Bookmarks, Extensions, and Other Data Between Computers

More and more, your interactions with computers are dependent on your browser and the web at large. So it’s incredibly handy to have your browser history and settings follow you around to other computers. The various makers of your favorite browsers know this, and all of them (with one predictable exception) have built-in tools to help your web experience stay consistent.

Google Chrome

Google’s Chrome browser has been all about the syncing action since day one. When you install it on a new machine you’re instructed to log in, and that’s pretty much all you need to do: it will automatically sync your history, bookmarks, usernames and passwords, custom search engines, and settings across all installations. It will also download your extensions from the Chrome Web Store, but take note that most don’t include any web storage for settings, so you’ll need to take a peek at the extensions settings page if you’ve customized them to any extent.

To change which particular portions of Chrome are synced, click the menu button in the upper-right corner (the three vertical dots), then “Settings.” Click the “Sync” option right below your Google account name. On this screen, you can choose which portions of your browser’s history to sync: Apps (sort of like extensions), autofill data, bookmarks, extensions, browser history, saved passwords, other settings, themes and wallpapers (wallpapers only for Chrome OS), open tabs, and Google Payments data. The “Sync everything” toggle, naturally, turns all the options on or off.

Chrome’s syncing capabilities extend to Chromebooks as well, along with Android phones and tablets, though the latter doesn’t support extensions or custom search engines.

Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer

Microsoft’s shiny new first-party browser piggybacks off of the syncing tools built into Windows 10, the only operating system to which it’s distributed so far (unless…

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