Why Apple’s HomePod has a chance

This is a picture of the Apple HomePod

I’m counting down the days on this one.

My primary phone is an iPhone 7 Plus, although I use Android phones all week as well as part of my job. In my house, I use the Apple TV and quite a few HomeKit devices, so I’m already using Siri to turn my lights on and off and even activate a sprinkler system. (In case you’re wondering, yes — my neighbors have looked at me funny when I command the garden to water itself.)

Product success can depend greatly on an established audience. When the Apple HomePod ships this December, I’ll buy one or two or six. I’ll probably even try to score one of the first ones at my local Apple store as I did with an iPad long, long ago. I haven’t tested the speaker quality against the Google Home, which is outstanding as a music device. We don’t know exactly how Apple is going to make Siri work more like a true AI bot by the fall. We do have a few hints — translation and more proactive suggestions should be available in iOS 11.

Yet, I already know how this will fit into my own digital lifestyle. For starters, I am firmly implanted into the iTunes ecosystem. One reason is that I’m lazy. I can’t imagine having to categorize my entire collection of indie music all over again, and the brains inside iTunes…

Sasha Harriet

Sasha Harriet

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Sasha Harriet

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