4 tips for transforming your customer communications with AI

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Machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) are not just tools for streamlining customer engagement. They represent an opportunity for companies to completely rethink how they build context around each individual, ultimately creating a better experience and a more loyal customer.

By tapping into the potential of these new technologies, brands can cost-effectively enable and empower sophisticated, relevant types of two-way communications with existing and potential customers. These technologies also change how brands can use digital channels to reimagine their essential communications — such as bills, statements, tax documents, and other important information. Traditionally, these touchpoints were static, generic mailings created to address the widest audience. They lacked personalization and relevance and while informational, were not engaging.

An important brand message no longer needs to be a common document that looks the same to everyone who receives it. Personalized essential communications bring additional value to the customer. Brands can offer more than a sum-total utility or service bill, for instance, by showing how a customer’s usage compared to the previous billing period or year and providing tips on how to cut down on their use and cost. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

With some strategic planning and investment, businesses can tap into machine learning and AI to transform customer communications by following these four steps:

  1. Offer an omni-channel experience. To ensure businesses adapt their communications to better engage with customers, they must first understand what touchpoint(s) their customers prefer. Customers should experience seamless and consistent interactions, whether they prefer to communicate via social media, text messages, websites, chat, emails, print mailings, phone calls, in-person, or some combination of these. Of course, this customized and heightened level of interaction creates large amounts of data. Most companies haven’t yet learned how to fully tap into that wealth of information about individual customer needs and preferences. They haven’t found an affordable way to employ enough ears to listen to each individual or…
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