First woman to play ‘Doctor Who’ sparks backlash

Jodie Whittaker will the the thirteenth doctor when she replaces Peter Capaldi.
Jodie Whittaker will the the thirteenth doctor when she replaces Peter Capaldi.

The “Doctor Who” Time Lord is officially a Time Lady — and some fans of the show are devastated.

The casting of actress Jodie Whittaker as the 13th doctor marks the first time a female has led the beloved sci-fi show since it debuted in 1963.

Ever since star Peter Capaldi announced his departure from the show in January, speculation has swirled that casting an actress as the Doctor was a possibility — Whittaker’s name has been tossed around for months, as has Tilda Swinton’s, Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s and Hayley Atwell’s.

But the BBC’s official confirmation Sunday that the role would go to “Broadchurch” actress Whittaker seemed to hit a nerve for some Whovians. Multiple fans responded to the news by declaring the show “ruined” and proclaiming that they would never tune in again after the series indulged in the “fashionable” trend of gender equality.

“There’s really no f—king need. The Dr. is male,” one user wrote. “Hate how it’s fashionable to make male characters female. It’s utter s—.”

“Worst decision ever. The doctor who role belongs to a man, wait always has, and always should,” another wrote. “The doctor has always been a man for a reason – because it isn’t a female role. The have killed the tradition of a classic show.”

Another female fan wrote that she was “gutted” that “Doctor Who” had “sold out to the (politically correct) squad.”

Still, the many fans who were excited to watch Whittaker make the role her own didn’t let the critics rain on their parade, and even managed to have…

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