How to Control Multiple Windows PCs With One Keyboard Using Synergy

If you use multiple Windows machines on your desk, you’re probably tired of swapping between keyboards and mice. There are hardware solutions—KVM switches, which use multiple inputs and outputs to share physical mice and keyboards. Synergy, a program that does the same thing over a network, is a more elegant solution…but it does require a little non-obvious setup.

Step One: Download and Install Synergy

SourceForge has the latest version of Synergy available for Windows. Head to the address and download the MSI file on both computers. Ignore the sign-in for Synergy Pro—we’ll cover that later.

On both PCs, double-click the installation file and follow all the on-screen instructions. Once the installation is finished, start the program from the Start menu and continue. Make sure both computers are on the same local network, and you’ll need a mouse and keyboard for both machines for the initial setup—or you can move them back and forth as needed.

Step Two: Configure the Client Machine

You’re going to have to get information from both the client (the computer that doesn’t have a keyboard and mouse plugged in) and the server (the one that does), but at the moment, let’s just look at the former. On the client side, you’ll see the following:

Make sure that the entry “Client (use another computer’s keyboard and mouse” is checked, not “Server.” Make a note of the name of the screen name of the computer as it appears in the interface. In my case, the client PC’s name is “DESKTOP-KNUH1S0,” because I haven’t bothered to change the device name of my Surface Pro.

Now switch over to the server machine.

Step Three: Configure the Server Machine

The server machine is the PC that actually has the mouse and keyboard connected to it. On that computer, make sure that the check mark…

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