How to Stop the Runaway Train of Anxiety in 4 Steps

Anxiety can feel like a runaway train – and when it’s coming, we often tell ourselves a story; we over identify with what’s happening; and unfortunately, this only serves to intensify the speed of the train, rather than slow it down.

There is so much research about how meditation helps with anxiety. Regular meditation will slow down your system, allow you to discern the messages that the anxiety is sending you, and it helps you to become better practiced at returning to the present moment. These tools are enormously important when suffering with anxiety, and they will undoubtedly change your life in big and small ways. But in the meantime, I have included here 4 easy steps that have helped me to stop the runaway anxiety train.

I personally suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember. It didn’t matter what was happening, good or bad, I always felt anxious. It was always there, like a fly that wouldn’t go away. In elementary school I would look around at my friends and they didn’t seem to feel the same way. They played and laughed and ran on the playground without having a care in the world – but not me. I felt confused, and sometimes paralyzed, about how to even join in on the swings. My quest to understand and help my anxiety led me to therapy, meditation, and mindfulness. It also led me to eventually becoming a psychotherapist who teaches meditation and mindfulness practices.

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What happens to you when your boss says “I need to talk to you” as a deadline is looming? Or when you need to have a “difficult” conversation with a loved one? Most people would report feelings of fear or nervousness, but for the people who suffer from anxiety, these feelings can be debilitating – just like how I felt on the playground.

Having tools that I could use in the moment for handling anxiety were the keys that really helped me to start dealing with my anxiety –…

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