Star Wars And Kingdom Hearts Among The Top D23 Expo Reveals

(Photo: Square Enix/Sony/EA/Disney)

Disney unloaded quite a few gaming reveals during the Level Up! segment of its D23 Expo, some of which were expected and some that came as a surprise.

With a bit of a teaser on some upcoming products being shown off at E3 earlier in the year, players were hungry for more details about games that didn’t get included in the line-up such as the noticeably absent Kingdom Hearts III. Some of those cravings were satisfied this time around as players got more information on their most-wanted games.

Boasting a combination of web-slinging, lightsaber-wielding, and Keyblade-swinging content, here are some of the biggest reveals that D23 had to offer.

(Photo: Square Enix/Disney)

From the beginning of the gaming segment today, Kingdom Hearts III was the game that many in the audience were most looking forward to, an anticipation made quite obvious by their constant cheers whenever the game was mentioned.

When Kingdom Hearts III didn’t make a splash at E3, fans were hopeful after Square Enix announced that a new trailer would be coming during D23, a trailer that showed off a new addition to the Kingdom Hearts roster by adding Toy Story characters to the mix.

To check out the full trailer that was revealed that shows off the new additions and some mech-based combat, view the trailer and more details here.

Star Wars Jedi Challenges
Star Wars Jedi Challenges

A surprise in the Disney line-up, it was revealed during the expo that an augmented reality experience based around the world of Star Wars is in the works, and they even had the headset and a trailer ready to roll.

Despite carrying the weight of being a Star Wars game, the product…

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