What If We Don’t Have to Abandon Earth. What If We Just… Move It?

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Recently, an iceberg the size of Delaware broke off of Antarctica. This process is known as calving. It isn’t the only head-scratching news bringing scientists and the public to face a stark reality: global warming is a far more serious threat than originally anticipated. Recently, scientists corrected some satellite data and revealed something staggering. The globe has been warming 140% faster since 1998. According to a recent study, we have just three years to get our act together. Otherwise, we’re doomed.

Not only does it appear that climate change is picking up speed, it’s developing in scope as well. The arctic had a record hot winter. As a result, permafrost there is thawing. As it does, it’ll release 1.89 trillion tons of carbon into the atmosphere, twice as much as it currently holds.

If we’re truly unfortunate, those trapped greenhouse gases will evaporate not as carbon, but methane, which is a far more impactful contributor to global warming. In this case, the effect on the climate will be 86 times more powerful in the next two decades than it would’ve been. Another way to look at it is: this methane will hold in 34 times the heat that carbon dioxide would have, over the next century.

As a result, we’ll see plagues, a lack of food, economic collapse, poisoned oceans, and eventually unbreathable air. Fun. What can we do to save ourselves? One option is abandoning the Earth and colonizing space. Though we may have the technological means there’s serious health problems to consider, like constant radiation exposure. We’ll have to procreate at some point, too. No one knows how a fetus will develop in a lower gravity environment.

Another option is to set a radical plan into motion. A worldwide policy to transition to clean energy as soon as possible, and set up devices that suck greenhouses gases right out of the air. Easier said than done. What stands in the way isn’t a lack of technology, but political will.


New report finds that global flooding may be the least of our climate change problems. Getty Images.

Even if we do survive somehow and the Earth’s climate is stabilized, the…

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