8 Best Ways to Meditate On-the-Go

What we think of as traditional meditation may resemble a well-composed yogi master resting on a hill passively reaching a state of bardo or nirvana. This perception may be the result of a hardwired brain, which meditation attempts to rewire. Understand that everyone performs meditation differently and there are no rules or gateways to unlocking its surreptitious bounty, minus your own conscious mind.

Most of us don’t think that we have time for meditation, but did you know that you can easily perform meditation on the go? Meditation provides numerous therapeutic benefits for your body and it’s effective at combating anxiety and reducing our stress levels.

Kahlil Gibran said it best when he eloquently proclaimed that, “Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you truly sing.”

Walking Meditation

Some people become addicted to the artifice of home or studio meditation, being surrounded with fresh incense and soothing color palettes, but you don’t have to sit to meditate. Meditation is merely a physical exercise of controlling your breath, allowing your mind to relax, and slowly letting go of those external perceptions and problems.

The next time you are walking to work or around the neighborhood consider taking some deep breathing exercises. Focus on the movement of your feet and your legs as they move along aimlessly and comfortably. You may even count some numbers as you walk or listen to the sweet symphony of the birds and nature around you.

The idea is to allow yourself to become familiar with that calm center so it can be easily accessed on the go. Most people become perturbed that they can’t reach that profound state or even let go of their thoughts for more than a mere second or two. Meditating while you are walking will help you familiarize yourself with that calm center and you’ll be sure to discover that prodigious feeling in the midst of your quant promenade. Every walk should make it easier to reach that state of calm.

Guided Meditation on the Move

I’ve had great success using guided meditation in the past and it’s the ideal place to start for people interested in meditation. There are hundreds of soundtracks out there for guided meditation and you can find them on places like Spotify and Youtube. Consider purchasing some sleek meditation-ready headphones instead of bothersome ear buds that may disrupt your sacred process. If you find a track you connect with, you can listen to it in the office, on the subway, or even while grocery shopping. Just be careful to stay aware of your surroundings if you choose to listen while driving.

Remember that meditation requires continual practice. Don’t expect immediate results and allow yourself to meditate for however long you’d like. The key to guided meditation is not to think of nothing, but to simply let your thoughts pass to and fro like waves rippling on the coast.

Meditation Apps

There are numerous meditation apps specifically designed for beginners and meditation on the go. Beditations provides meditations you can enjoy when you’re just waking up, just getting to sleep, or anytime you feel like getting off your feet. The Headspace App provides mindfulness for people with busy schedules, on the move or even for more traditional forms of meditation.

Consider using apps, such as Calm or The Mindfulness App that provide personalized meditation programs to match your schedule. These apps will allow you to develop your mindfulness over time using progressive meditation techniques that can be customized by how much time you have to meditate and for how long you want the program to last for.
Mantra Meditation

Increased worries are associated with greater reactivity in the amygdala, which is the part of the brain that processes emotion. Mantra meditation is a powerful technique that allows us to calm our emotions and take control of them. A mantra is similar to the hymn, but it’s a sound or word that’s repeated to guide our focus, allowing us to truly reach that calm center.

Identify that source of anxiety and focus your mantra on the opposite of that emotion- the positive. Slowly repeat that positive word and take deep breaths, allowing that negative emotion to melt away and for you to become an observer to its waning wrath. Soon you’ll be able to let go of that feeling and reach that calm center.

Repeated mantra meditation will allow you to reach that calm center in mere minutes. Mantra meditation can be executed anywhere and at any point of your life. Of course, if you find yourself saying ‘serenity now’, just don’t scream it like Frank Costanza and you’ll be enveloped in a true feeling of serenity. Find what works best for you as your individual self.

Meditate at the Office

The greatest source of most people’s stress, aside from personal relationships, is the office, but there are many techniques you can actually use to slow down that office bustle and relax for a few minutes.

It’s key to continually remind yourself to meditate throughout the work day. As we become lost in our work, some teachers suggest posting little red dots that will serve as a reminder for us to meditate. Essentially, they serve as little stop signs and command you to lift your head from that work, straighten that posture and begin conducting some deep breathing exercises.

You may also consider making it a daily group activity or utilizing the buddy system to remind you to relax for at least a few minutes out of the day. As a result, you may notice your productivity and product quality increase as a result of having a clear head.

Meditate in Your Driveway

This little secret is an excellent technique to melting away the stress of the day thus far. When you come home from work and pull into your driveway, stop for a second and relax. Close your eyes, turn the car off and begin some deep breathing exercises. If you possess a guided meditation soundtrack, this is the ideal place to use it while in your car.

Impulsive Meditation

Have you ever stopped by the woods on a snowy evening or watched a swaying copse on a balmy day? Often, nature implores us to partake in its majesty and simply stop the world around us. Often the greatest ecstasy I’ve experienced from meditation is through impulsive meditation, where the setting felt sublime and the moment was serendipitous.

Impulsive meditation doesn’t require bringing a mat on the go and could simply occur on a bench in a crowded city. Listen to the cacophony of sounds around you and start taking deep breaths. Begin releasing control of your breathing and you’ll find those noises slowly simmer away in the distance as you reach your calm center. If an external thought pulls you from your calm center, those deep breaths will pull you back in.

Pet an Animal

This last tip might not be considered a form of meditation by some, but it’s certainly a tip for wellness. Petting an animal not only makes us closer to them, but it’s scientifically been shown to reduce the amount of cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol is the main chemical that produces stress in our bodies.

The next time that cat wants to cuddle or the dog wags his tail, pet him/her for a few minutes and you’ll notice yourself calm as a result. Take some deep breaths and repeat the motion almost like it’s a mantra and you’ll be connected to that calm center.

Meditate Your Own Way

If you’re a busy person and don’t have time for meditation, don’t stress. Meditation can be applied to numerous mundane activities, such as brushing your teeth or taking a shower, you can even find meditative musicians with soulful, uplifting tunes to find your zen to. Choose your own process and you’ll find immeasurable physical and psychological benefits as a result of continued meditation. You may also reap many creative benefits as a result without ever even knowing it.

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