CCP unveils non-VR version of Eve: Valkyrie

CCP Games has been one of the strongest supporters of virtual reality, but it is taking its flagship VR property, Eve: Valkyrie, and making a version for broader audiences without Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or PSVR headsets on the PC and PlayStation 4.

Dubbed Eve: Valkyrie — Warzone, the new version will enable PC and PlayStation 4 gamers to play together, both in and out of VR, in a big space combat multiplayer arena. CCP Games has been a huge supporter of virtual reality, but sales for PC-based VR systems have been slower than expected. To make it through the VR desert to the riches on the other side, companies are coming up with creative strategies.

Playful, another VR startup headed by Paul Bettner, also pursued the same strategy. It published Lucky’s Tale as an exclusive on the Oculus Rift VR headset in 2016, and it is now in the process of remaking it as Super Lucky’s Tale, which will be a 2D game for the Xbox One.

It is also pushing further into VR games with the upcoming Sparc virtual sports game. Eve: Valkyrie — Warzone will sell for $30 to new players, while Eve: Valkyrie owners can get the expansion as a free download. CCP made the game at its Newcastle, England, studio. Warzone will be available on September 26.

In some ways, it’s a pretty smart re-use of assets created for VR games. The developers can show how they are innovative on the VR headsets, but they can also make money by making the 2D screen…

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