Five Hidden Amazon Echo Features Worth Checking Out

The Amazon Echo is packed with tons of useful voice commands, but not all of them are obvious. You can also interact with Alexa from other devices or services, which is even less obvious. Here are some of the most useful features you can try out both on the device and while you’re away from your Echo.

Try Alexa from Your Browser With

While you can use Google Assistant and Siri pretty much anywhere you are, Alexa is still stuck in your living room (and in an iPhone app). If you want to try out Alexa without buying an Echo, or if you want to talk to Alexa when you’re away from home, the developer tool can help. Head to the site on any computer with a microphone and log in. You can then hold down the blue button and talk to Alexa.

This tool is designed to help developers create their third-party skills, so not all of the commands work. For example, you can’t play music through the web interface, but you can do things like add items to your shopping list or ask for a joke. It’s not as robust as a proper Echo, but it’s handy if you want to play with Alexa before you buy one.

Send Information From Your Echo to Your Fire Tablet with Voicecast

If you own a recent Fire Tablet (running Fire OS 4.5.1 or higher), you can have Alexa send information to your tablet so you can see the results of your voice commands with a feature called Voicecast. It’s a little like having an Echo Show. For example, if you ask Alexa what’s on your calendar, your tablet will display your next few events. If…

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