The only working large-scale tea plantation in the United States.

New tea plants in the greenhouse.

Whether it’s white, green, or black, all tea comes from one plant, Camellia Sinensis. It’s the second most popular beverage in the world (after water, of course). But despite numerous attempts since Andre Michaux, a French botanist, brought the plant to North America in the late 1700s, it wasn’t until 1888 that someone finally succeeded in producing plants that could grow tea for consumption in the United States.

135 ft Peachoid water tower
Gaffney, South Carolina

Dr. Charles Shepherd, who owned the Pinehurst Tea Plantation in Summerville, South Carolina, had many years of tea triumphs. He even won first prize for his oolong tea at the 1904 World’s Fair. However, after his death in 1915, his plantation was left abandoned…

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