This Is Why You’re Always Hungry, According to Science

If there are days (or a bunch of them strung together) when you feel constantly hungry even though you’ve eaten as much (or more) than you normally do, well, you’re not alone. We’re human beings, not automatons, which means that no two days are exactly alike. Some days, I’m not hungry at all, and I eat just so I can soak up the coffee or alcohol (or both) I’ve dumped in my mouth to get through the week. Others, it seems like I’m eating 24/7 and pretending my pants still fit.

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Aside from hormones (which I happily blame my poor eating habits on once a month), it turns out there are a few common reasons you might be losing control of your appetite. None of them are particularly easy to fix, exactly, but knowledge is power and all of that.

At the very least, it will give you something to think about the next time you’re feeling motivated to eat well, sleep better, and work out. You know, be healthy and all that junk.

You need to hit the hay earlier.

We all (should) know by now that good sleep habits are connected to your overall health in myriad ways. There is a connection between overeating and not getting good rest, largely because our decision-making is impaired by a lack of zzz’s. So not only do we tend to eat more on the days when we’re extra tired, but we tend to make poorer food choices as well.

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