How to Quickly Transfer Files from a Computer to Your Phone with Portal

We’ve all had that moment where we need a file on our phone that happens to be on the computer. Now, there are a couple of ways you can do this: email it to yourself, put it in cloud storage like Dropbox, or even transfer it with a USB cable. But there’s a faster, easier way. Enter Portal.

What Is Portal?

Portal is an app for Android and iOS developed by the same guys who made Pushbullet, so you know it’s good—Pushbullet is easily one of those must-have apps for all Android users.

In its simplest form, Portal is a way to instantly transfer files from a computer to an iOS or Android phone over Wi-Fi. Really, that’s all it is. It’s so easy, you may end up asking yourself “that’s it?” because simple tasks like this are often made overly complicated for reasons that are unknown to me.

Portal lets you transfer single files or full folders to your phone, and transferred images are automatically added to your gallery. It just makes sense.

While i’m using Android for…

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