Chances Are You Know These 5 Logos by Heart…or at least You Think You Do

There are ads that come and go, products that head the way of the dinosaur, and some of both that have flash-in-the-pan, Super Bowl success without any staying power.

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The logos in this list, though, don’t fall into any of those categories. They’re logos that are so engrained in the minds of Americans, so pervasive in pop culture, that you’d literally have be living off the grid not to recognize them and connect them to their products without even thinking twice…and yet, when asked to draw them from memory, only a small percentage of Americans could do so with a decent amount of accuracy.

Lesson? Brains are weird, y’all.

Well, that or we’re living in a parallel universe, which seems to be increasingly possible…

Ah, the old words inside of a sandwich. Wait, that’s it, right?

If you can’t remember off the top of your head, don’t worry – neither could 80% of your American compatriots. A large number of folks tried to incorporate the crown they probably coveted as children into the official logo, but mostly people left out one thing or another.

Hey, it’s sort of complicated, and that blue crescent? What is that even doing there!

Love them or hate them, with very few exceptions, Walmart is a staple of American life. Their logo is simple – just their name and a sunburst – but that didn’t make much of a difference. 68% of people did recall the sunburst, but not where it was placed or how many rays protrude from…

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