How to Get Your Money Back When You’re Denied a Refund

Sometimes a credit card transaction just doesn’t go well. You might receive an item that doesn’t match the description. The item could arrive broken, or your item might never arrive at all.

When there are problems with a transaction, most merchants will work with you to resolve your issue and make you a happy customer. But what can you do if they refuse to give you a refund?

I recently called a merchant for help resolving an issue with a purchase I made. The customer service representative said they had done all they could do and they would not be able to resolve my issue. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told that there was no supervisor I could speak with. When a merchant denies your request for a refund, it may seem that there’s nowhere else to turn. But if you used a credit card to pay, you have a powerful tool that you can use — the chargeback. (See also: How to Return Items Through Your Credit Card If the Store Refuses)

What is a chargeback?

Your credit card company can remove a charge from your credit card statement if the charge is fraudulent, was made in error, or if you did not receive the item you were promised. A chargeback can be used to resolve issues with a transaction even if a merchant does not cooperate or respond to your complaint. (See also: 6 Awesome Credit Card Tricks That Will Save You Money)

What are the requirements to pursue a chargeback?

The legal basis for reversing credit card charges in disputed transactions is established by the Fair Credit Billing Act. Some of the basic requirements for disputing a credit card charge and getting a chargeback are:

  • A valid reason to reverse a credit charge such as billing error, fraudulent charge, incorrect item, or damaged item.

  • The customer must…

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