The House of Horns in Three Forks, Montana

For 6 decades, Jim Phillips has been walking in the woods in search of shed or discarded antlers. It doesn’t matter the species (he’s got moose, deer, and elk) or size; ever since he was 10 years old, he’s been collecting them and stowing them in his shed.

Photo Credit: YouTube, Great Big Story

Rather, the antlers all went into his shed until his collection got so big that he decided to build a dedicated 1,900 square foot antler building.

He found all 16,000 himself – he never buys them or kills to take the prizes – and has spent countless hours scavenging the woods. Not every hike is productive (he once wandered 26 miles without finding a single antler), but most will produce at least a few treasures he can use to line the walls of his shed. He also occasionally goes dumpster diving to collect antlers discarded by hunters who decide not to keep them as trophies.

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