The photographer who hopes to inspire action on climate change through his pictures

Photographer Ashley Cooper’s book Images from a Warming Planet documents his personal journey to come to terms with humanity’s impact on the planet

The UN Climate Change Conference in Paris in 2015 was hailed as a historic landmark in the battle against climate change, but, says British environmental photographer Ashley Cooper, is it enough?

“I obviously applaud this momentous agreement,” he said, “but, having witnessed the scale of the destruction currently being wreaked around the world, this is too little too late.”

In his book, Images from a Warming Planet, Cooper hopes his photography will ‘wake people up’ to the reality of climate change as well as showcasing efforts to tackle the huge challenge. Photographs range from shots showing increasing rates of desertification, to images capturing the huge range of renewable energy projects across the globe.

The project began in 2004 with a trip to Alaska, which Cooper took after reading scientific journals and becoming increasingly aware of the potentially devastating consequences of climate change.

“I spent a week on Shishmaref, a tiny island in the Chukchi Sea,” he said. “It is home to a community of around 600 Inuit people, whose homes were being washed into the sea. It was here I first witnessed something I have seen many times since: that is, those least responsible for climate change are most impacted by it.

“The evidence that the Arctic was warming rapidly was so strong, coupled with talking to Inuit elders about the changes they had witnessed in their lifetimes, left me in no doubt that documenting this should be my life’s work. The plan soon formulated in my head that I should attempt to document the impacts of climate change and the rise of renewable energy on every continent.”

Cooper went on to witness drought and bushfires in Australia, devastating floods in Malawi, smoke-belching coal-fired power stations in China and rising sea levels in Tuvalu that threaten the very existence of the Pacific island.

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