Woman Deceived On the Internet by Older Man Finds Love With Model Whose Photos Lured Her In

Emma Perrier was already heartbroken from a past relationship when she took a chance with online dating. Her hope for romance was renewed when a matchmaking app paired her with a charming and extraordinarily handsome man named Ronnie Scicluna.

The love story took a turn, however, when she found out that Ronnie Scicluna wasn’t real.

After she was dumped by her boyfriend of eight months, Perrier turned to a dating site called Zoosk. Though she had never used a relationship app before, the 31-year-old Frenchwoman hoped that maybe it could help her find “Mr. Right”.

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She eventually struck up a conversation with Scicluna: a tall, dark, and handsome 34-year-old electrician who worked in the West Midlands of England – just 100 miles away from where Perrier lives in London.

Perrier told the Atlantic that what started as innocent flirting eventually turned into constant texting and hour-long phone calls. In the months following their initial pairing on Zoosk during the autumn of 2015, Perrier would beg Scicluna for a dinner date. The electrician would always make excuses, saying that he worked too much or that he didn’t have time to travel because of his family.

Scicluna stayed evasive because he was actually a short, balding 53-year-old interior designer named Alan Stanley.

After his 22-year marriage ended in divorce, Stanley had taken up “catfishing” as a hobby – a term used to describe when someone creates a fake social media profile in order to meet and deceive people on the internet, often for romantic reasons. Stanley says that chasing women over the internet made him feel more alive – and he enjoyed the company.

But over the course of their year-long “relationship”, Perrier was dejected by…

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