8 Creepy Legends About What Dangers Await You at Yosemite National Park

Who doesn’t love a truly creepy legend that dates back so far that no one really knows where it came from? I mean, obviously you do, because you clicked on this link, and I promise this article is not going to disappoint you. As a lover of all things dark, mysterious, and spooky, these 8 legends out of Yosemite National Park really got me.

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So read on! Hopefully they’ll get you, too.

There’s an ancient legend of the Ah-wah-nee tribe about two women who were picking berries at the top of the falls when a mist swirled up. When one of the women moved too close, the wind shrieked and threw her down into the rocky, churning waters. The chief blamed an evil spirit – a siren – known as the Po-ho-no, and forbid his people from wandering near its home.

Waterfalls all over Yosemite have claimed the lives of hikers over the years – so if you’re out walking, beware the Po-ho-no.

The first documentation of this haunting comes from Galen Clark, the park’s first ranger, though there seems to be reason to believe it has been around for much longer. His 1857 account states that he kept hearing cries that made him wonder if there was a dog in distress. He questioned a local Native tribe, who warned him away – it wasn’t a dog and he should not go after it.

They told him it was the spirit of an Indian boy who drowned in the lake many years before, and that he calls out to anyone close enough to hear in the hopes of luring them into the lake and dragging them to their death.

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