AI Weekly: Digital assistants are changing business, but they still need human help

It’s no secret that AI is being applied to virtually everything, but this was a big week for enterprise conversational AI. Salesforce’s Einstein debuted a platform for businesses to deploy bots on apps and websites, Facebook Messenger is coming to the web, and Microsoft Word now has a Resume Assistant imbued with intelligence from LinkedIn.

Even from the Black Eyed Peas has entered the enterprise AI assistant marketplace, following a recent commitment by Cisco to launch an AI assistant dedicated to speaking up in team meetings.

It’s pretty exciting to see Microsoft begin to incorporate insights from LinkedIn into products like Cortana and Microsoft Word. Using AI to determine the best job title to put on a resume can be powerful, as Indeed demonstrated last month at VB Summit, but the most intriguing part of the assistant may be its ability to surface good examples of work experience derived from LinkedIn public profiles written by humans.

Salesforce’s bots can be configured to only operate when a business is closed, and if the bot lacks confidence in its answer to a question or a high-value lead lands on your website, the conversation can be routed to an experienced (human) customer service agent.

On the same day that Facebook’s protocol for the transfer of conversations from bots to humans became available worldwide, Messenger announced a plugin to bring chat to any website — for conversations with both humans and bots.

Machines are getting smarter, but it’s the augmentation of human and machine intelligence that makes these assistants especially useful, both for businesses and prospective employees writing resumes.

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Above: An illustration shows how Resumé Assistant suggests jobs for people based on their work experience.

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