How to Disable Custom Ads and Tracking on Your Roku

In 2017, TV watches you. At least, it does if you’re using a Roku device: that platform monitors everything you do on their devices. Data is shared with Neilson to supplement ratings, mostly it’s used for advertising purposes.

That’s right: advertising. You probably think of Roku as a hardware company, and it’s true that their various streaming devices make up the majority of their revenue. But it’s not they only way they make money: Roku earned around $100 million from advertising in 2016, a quarter of their overall revenue that year. Part of what makes their advertising so effective is their ability to track what you watch.

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This isn’t conjecture, by the way. It’s all outlined in Roku’s privacy policy:

We also collect usage data such as your search history…search results, content and advertisements you select and view, including through use of automatic content recognition technology…and content settings and preferences, channels you add and view, including…

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