How To Make Meetings More Effective

how to make meetings more effective

Collaboration is what the new workplace is all about. These days, it’s all about keeping everyone involved in all facets of a process so that everyone can contribute his or her expertise.

This rise in collaboration has made frequent meetings a necessity. Unfortunately, however, they aren’t always as productive as we would like them to be.

How Much Time Is Actually Wasted In Meetings?

The average worker attends or prepares for meetings more than a quarter of his work week. And almost never do you walk out of a meeting feeling like every second of that time was completely productive.

There are anywhere between 36 and 56 million meetings every day in America with ineffective meetings costing the U.S. economy as much as $283 billion a year. In this age of amazing technology, why are we still wasting so much time?

Some of the biggest pet peeves people have about meetings include:

  • 76% think most meetings are unnecessary
  • 58% report that meetings are repetitive
  • 59% report that meetings don’t stay on topic
  • 51% of people say that others will take calls in the meeting

Three-quarter of people report that they try to complete other tasks during meeting time. These tasks include things like eating lunch, taking a restroom break, checking personal emails and responding to work emails.

Unfortunately, multitasking isn’t usually very effective. So, why are we spending so much time in meetings when that time could clearly be…

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