How to Make Your Windows PC Use “Mono” Audio (So You Can Wear One Earbud)

Most audio you listen to is in “stereo”, which means that different things are played in through both the left and right speakers. However, you can have your PC mix the sound to mono, playing everything combined through both speakers.

This would allow you to use just one earbud with your PC, but still hear both the left and right audio tracks. It’s also very helpful if you have trouble hearing through one ear.

Windows 10

The mono audio option was introduced in Windows 10’s Creators Update, so it’s built right into the settings, just like on the iPhone and Android.

To find this option, click the Start button and select the gear-shaped “Settings” icon.

Click the “Ease of Access” icon in the Settings window.

Click “Other options” in the sidebar. Scroll down to the bottom of the window you’ll find “Mono audio” under Audio options. Set it to “On”.

That’s it! If you ever want to disable this option and re-enable standard stereo audio, just return here and set Mono audio to “Off”.

Windows 7 and 8

Older versions of Windows, including Windows 7, offer no way to actually “mix” both…

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