When Dropping Your Life Insurance Is the Right Decision

Life insurance is a crucial way to protect your family if you should suddenly pass away. The payout from a life insurance policy can help your loved ones continue to pay a mortgage and other large bills they may not otherwise be able to afford.

Life insurance is so important that few people ever decide to terminate their policies. But are there times when canceling a life insurance policy actually makes sense?

The surprising answer? Sure. It all depends on who continues to rely on your income and who doesn’t.

Your children

When deciding whether to cancel a life insurance policy, don’t focus solely on your age. Yes, the odds are higher that once you get older (past retirement age), you won’t have as many people relying on the money you are making today. With fewer people depending on you financially, it might make sense to cancel your life insurance policy and save the money you are spending on premiums.

Life insurance is most important when you are worried about providing your children with a financial safety net. When your children are young, they need the financial protection that a life insurance policy provides. After all, they won’t be working or generating their own income.

But when your children become adults, they might no longer need the payout that your life insurance would provide them if you should die. Canceling a policy designed to protect your kids is usually a sound financial move once these children become adults who are working and providing for…

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