Google and Apple Are Killing It With Photo Tech

When it comes to hardware phone makers are bored because there’s not much left to improve. However, when it comes to the camera in your phone, Apple and Google still have a lot they can do on the software side. On this front, both companies are absolutely killing it.

Portrait Mode Is the Best New Photography Feature Since Camera Phones

If Portrait Mode was the only new innovation Apple and Google added to their phones, I would still be impressed. For those who haven’t seen it, this mode creates a narrow depth of field, focusing on the subject’s face while adding a soft blur to the background. This isolates the subject and makes them stand out a lot more. It sounds like a simple, even boring thing until you see it in action. Once you try it, your selfies will never be the same.

Apple and Google have different approaches to this feature, but they have the same effect. Apple’s iPhones use a dual-lens camera to analyze at your pictures from two slightly differently angles and apply a faux blur. Google’s Pixel 2 only has a single lens, instead using image recognition software to detect the subject in a photo, then blur everything else. The downside to this method is that it occasionally gets it wrong, blurring part of an ear, or maybe the tip of your hat. Apple’s tech has a slight edge on this front, but both phones can immediately give your pictures a stunning look.

Live Photos Capture The Delightful Moments Before and After Your Pictures

Your photos aren’t just images. They’re moments. Freeze frames in time from a memory that was at least important enough to justify taking your camera out of your pocket and preserving it. Live Photos (or Motion Photos, as Google calls them) take a small video that spans the second or two before you take a picture to the second or two after it. You can view…

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