Microwaved, hard-boiled eggs can explode. But the bang isn’t the worst part.

exploded egg
EGGSPLOSION Microwaving a hard-boiled egg can make it burst when pierced, but it’s unlikely to damage your hearing.

Hard-boiled eggs are a dish best served cold.

When quickly reheated in a microwave and then pierced, the picnic staple can explode with a loud bang in a shower of hot, rubbery shrapnel. But this blast is far more likely to make a hot mess than hurt your hearing, according to research presented December 6 at the Acoustical Society of America meeting in New Orleans.

That distinction isn’t as odd as it might sound. In a lawsuit, a man claimed to have suffered burns and hearing damage after a microwaved, hard-boiled egg exploded in his mouth at a restaurant. Researchers from Charles M. Salter Associates, Inc. in San Francisco called as expert witnesses couldn’t find scientific papers backing up the claim that an egg could burst with enough vigor to cause hearing loss — just a lot of YouTube videos documenting eggsplosions.

So the researchers microwaved peeled hard-boiled eggs in water on high power for three minutes.

The eggs were “uncooperative,” study coauthor Anthony Nash said in a news conference. Some exploded in the microwave, while others wouldn’t explode at all. But of nearly 100 eggs tested, 28…

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