There’s No Great Reason to Buy an Amazon Fire TV Anymore

Amazon has a history of using hardware platforms to make people buy stuff. The Kindle and the Echo are both useful on their own, but Amazon’s long-term plan for both is all about selling things. Amazon’s Fire TV line is no different.

The user interface on these streaming media devices heavily favor Amazon’s own services. YouTube, Netflix, and the other streaming services you love were all available, but to find them you had to scroll past a lot of Amazon content. It’s the price you payed for cheap hardware, and it was a price worth paying for many—especially since other boxes, like the Apple TV and Chromecast, didn’t have Amazon Prime Video channels.

This week, two things changed the game: Amazon Prime Video launched on Apple TV and YouTube announced it will stop working on Amazon Fire TV. Now we’re unsure if the Fire TV is worth it.

Apple TV Is Better on the High End

As of this week, Amazon Prime Video works on the Apple TV. This means Amazon Prime users can watch The Tick, The Man In The High Castle, and other Amazon Original Series, alongside shows Amazon has exclusive streaming rights to, like Doctor Who, all at not extra cost.

Apple TV also works with YouTube.

It goes without saying that Apple TV is a better high-end streaming box for anyone invested in Apple’s platform. The interface is top notch, it’s easy to mirror your iPhone or Mac display, and all your purchases from iTunes are quick to find.

Until this week, the lack of Amazon Prime Video access was the biggest major downside to the Apple TV, other than the price. Price isn’t something Apple users worry much about, and the Prime downside is gone now. If you’re an Apple user looking for a streaming box, there’s no longer any reason to even consider the Fire TV.

Roku Is Better on the Low and…

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