Who Is Karl Cook? Kaley Cuoco’s Fiance Isn’t An Actor, But He Knows A Lot About Putting On A Show

Star of The Big Bang Theory Kaley Cuoco got engaged to Karl Cook, her boyfriend (now fiancé!), on Thursday, and he documented to whole joyful event on his Instagram account. In a video he posted, Cuoco is sobbing tears of joy, and shouts, “We’re engaged!” before even responding to Cook’s proposal. And the joyous occasion was two-fold: It was Cuoco’s 32nd birthday, and she got the best gift ever. But who is Cook, Cuoco’s husband-to-be? Believe it or not, he rides horses for a living.

Yep, Cook is a professional equestrian. He and Cuoco share a love of horses. When she’s not getting paid beaucoup bucks starring as Penny on The Big Bang Theory, the actor spends time with her stable of adorable equines. She herself has been competing in shows, though she tries to keep a low profile, so the paparazzi don’t follow her to the derby.

Cook, meanwhile, is a star in the equestrian world. According to Hollywood Life, the 26-year-old jockey has been riding horses since he was eight years old — in fact, his mother was also an equestrian — and in 2009, competed in the Grand Prix. Though he almost walked away from horse riding in 2012, Cook couldn’t give up his love of the sport and made a comeback, according to the riding website Noelle Floyd.

And if you’re thinking, “Horse riding? Isn’t that for the rich?” you’d be right—Cook’s father, Scott Cook, is an entrepreneur and businessman and the founder of Intuit. Yes, of TurboTax fame, so you might…

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