Charge Your iPhone Wirelessly with These Qi Chargers

Apple might have been late—OK, really late—to the wireless charging game, but now that the feature is here you should totally take advantage of it. Here’s the rundown on wireless charging and our top charger picks.

If you’ve never used wireless charging before, you may not realize just how convenient it is. Rather than plug your phone into charge you simply place the phone onto a wireless charging pad or stand and, boom, it starts charging. Over at our sister site How-To Geek there’s a great run down of the technical aspects of wireless charging, but here’s what’s relevant for iPhone owners looking to add wireless charging to their stable of charging methods:

  • Wireless charging is available on the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and the iPhone X.
  • Apple adopted the Qi standard for wireless charging which means practically any wireless charging pad from the past few years will work with the device (we tested it with an old 2013-era charger and had no issues).
  • The iOS 11.2 update enabled not just wireless charging but wireless fast charging.
  • It’s very rare to have a case too thick for Qi charging to work but metal cases or metal plates (for magnetic mounts) interfere with the power transmission.

With that in mind we ran some tests on an iPhone 8 Plus and we’re happy to report that Qi-based wireless charging is effortless and a great way to charge your phone both overnight and to top it up during the day.

Here’s a comparison between 1 hour of charging with the 5W wired charger that comes with the iPhone, a 5W wireless charger, a 7.5W wireless fast charger, and, for the sake of comparison with the higher end of the charging spectrum, a 29W fast charger.

What’s interesting here is…

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