Kidnapped College Student Reveals How She Outsmarted Her Attacker After Being Raped

It is impossible to never let your guard down, but for some violent scum, a moment is all it takes to act out their filthy desires. When 21-year-old student Jaila Gladden left her apartment in Carrollton, Georgia to Kroger’s grocery store, she didn’t think that evening would change her life forever. A man in the parking lot reportedly asked her for a lighter. Jaila responded she didn’t have one but the guy kept following her. Once at her car, she felt a knife pressed against her.

They both got in the car. The alleged attacker turned to Jaila and asked if she knew how to get to Atlanta, about 50 miles away. After some time, the man parked the car behind an abandoned church. Gladden claimed it was then he demanded her to take off her clothes. She pleaded with him, but he said there was “no purpose in crying.” Gladden said he then raped her inside the car.

After he was done they continued driving. When the man asked for directions to a gas station, Jaila had a genius idea. She said she needed her phone to google the locations, and it was enough to convince the guy to give it back. Quickly, she shared her location with her boyfriend Tamir Bryant.

“It was the most logical thing to do,” she told BuzzFeed. “Kid napped,” she…

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