Kylie Jenner’s Calvin Klein Ad With Her Sisters Has Fans Spotting Pregnancy Clues

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Nearly five months after the first rumors about Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy emerged, fans are still waiting for official confirmation that the lip kit maven is actually expecting her first child. But now, there’s another clue to add to the list. Fans are freaking out over Jenner’s Calvin Klein ad, which just so happens to show her covering her belly with a quilt while her sister’s stomachs — including Khloé Kardashian’s, who recently confirmed she is pregnant — are all exposed to show off their Calvin Klein undies.

The ad went live on Monday morning, and immediately, it was impossible not to notice the difference between Jenner and her sisters. Being that this is an underwear ad, showing off the underwear they’re wearing is important — that is the point of advertising, right? But all you can see of Jenner’s is part of her bra, and the fact that she’s the only one under a blanket definitely draws your attention to her.

It’s a gorgeous photo, but since Jenner’s pregnancy has been such a huge topic of discussion lately, it’s hard not to think that she’s covered up to hide a baby bump before she’s ready to reveal it herself — and that’s exactly what fans are saying after seeing the ad.

These days, it’s hard for Jenner to blink without someone trying to prove that it’s a clue that she is or isn’t pregnant,…

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