Positive News hits the high street as ‘constructive journalism’ spreads

Amid a fresh wave of interest in ‘constructive journalism’, from today Positive News magazine will be available in selected WHSmith shops across the UK

Positive News magazine hits the shelves at 150 WHSmith shops around the UK today, a milestone for the publication that began life as a free, reader-distributed newspaper in 1993. The step forward was made possible by the generous backing of a group of readers, who contributed toward the upfront costs of being stocked by the high street retailer.

WHSmith shops to now stock Positive News magazine range from Inverness in the north, to the Eurostar terminal in the south. The growing list of Positive News magazine stockists – which also include newsagents, independent shops, a central London branch of Waterstones, and other retailers – can be searched on an online map.

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The expansion of Positive News magazine’s distribution comes as interest in ‘constructive journalism’ – a term that describes rigorous, solutions-focused reporting – grows around the world. Bill Gates guest edited the first issue of the year of Time magazine, choosing to dedicate it to ‘The Optimists’.

“I’ve asked some of the people I respect most to write about what makes them optimistic,” he wrote in his editorial, titled The Good News. Being an optimist doesn’t mean you ignore tragedy and injustice. It means you’re inspired to look for people making progress on those fronts, and to help spread that progress more widely. If you’re shocked by the idea of millions of children dying, you ask: Who is good at saving kids, and how can we help them do more?”

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