The Best Ways to Make Money With Your Car In the Gig Economy

Your car is an expensive investment but it doesn’t have to be a pure money suck. In the gig economy—shorthand for making money performing small tasks on your own time—you can use your vehicle to earn extra money in your spare time. Here are some of the best, most reliable ways to do just that.

Before you sign up for any of the following services, you’ll need to make sure that your license is up to date, that your insurance premiums are paid, and that your insurer’s terms and conditions allow you to drive passengers, deliver goods, or rent your vehicle out to others. Each service below has different requirements and we’ll note them where appropriate, but be prepared to research your policy before you can start earning money. It’s also worth checking out our sister site’s guide to driving with Uber here. Most of that information is applicable no matter what gig service you drive for.

Drive Passengers Around With Uber and Lyft

If you live in a decently populated city or suburb, driving for Uber or Lyft can be an excellent night job as long as you don’t mind letting strangers in your vehicle. Some drivers even drive for both services at once, waiting until a customer needs a pickup from one, then marking themselves busy in both. This effectively doubles their potential customer base.

Driving for Uber and Lyft comes with some risk, mainly letting other humans into your car. It’s not like all passengers are ax murderers, however you can end up dealing with drunk idiots or couples having a fight. Though even this can be turned to your advantage. One driver managed to game Uber’s policy of paying for messes that drunk passengers leave in their drivers’ cars, getting a higher payout for taking on some of the grosser clientele. We wouldn’t exactly recommend this strategy, but if you’ve got the stomach to handle people and the chaos they leave in their wake, then driving could be for you. You can sign up to be an Uber driver here, or a Lyft driver here.

Be a Package Courier For Amazon Flex

If you’d rather not let other humans in your car, Amazon Flex offers a decent alternative. This is the program Amazon uses to deliver packages over those last few miles from your local shipping center to your door. If you’ve ever used Amazon Prime Now, Amazon Fresh, or just gotten a package delivered using Amazon’s own delivery network, you’ve probably seen a Flex driver.

With Flex you’re able to pick out blocks of hours that you want to work and pick up a set of packages. Amazon’s app will give you a recommended route to…

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